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Hi-End online mixing and mastering services. Radio ready mixes for your music releases & streaming

You have a top-notch production. I have the skill-set, pro studio, and analogue gear (Neve, API, Manley, Prism) to deliver that commercial major label mix and master sound for your music. I have many years of experience in audio mixing. Some of my credits include the 2x Grammy Award Winning Producer Greg Lawson and the Bullets production team. I am currently signed to Crucial Music Publishing as a writer/music producer. I fully understand the complete process of creating professional music. I pride myself on great customer satisfaction with upfront and ongoing communication. Get in touch today, let's discuss your latest project. Get more Spotify streams, YouTube video plays, and iTunes downloads!

Dedicated mixing engineers will work on all the top chart hits, the best way to get a truly professional sound. You can have this too for your songs and at affordable prices. Get a mix & master from an unbiased ear, with expert equalization, compression, sidechaining, enhancing, adding ambience/reverb, and many other pro audio mixing techniques.

What is audio mixing and why is it so important? Achieving that perfect balance is paramount for all songs. Balancing will change and evolve during the mixing stage as I enhance/process different sounds. Balancing involves corrective clever equalization, all sounds need their own space in the mix. Compression (including side chaining) plays a huge part too, I need to control dynamics and lock in sounds. Creating depth and width, I want to create a 3D sound scape, so pushing sounds back in the mix, leaving sounds upfront and panning sounds. Smart use of reverb and delay is a priority. In today's modern mixing we also use a lot of harmonic exciters, saturation and even distortion to emphasize sounds. I must mention automation, keep the listener engaged. Automating levels of kick, bass, vocals, equalization, compression, and effects all play a vital role. Your track elements will now come together and sound like a real record, this is why the mix stage is so crucial. The right mix balance is also the key for getting a loud master while maintaining punch and clarity.

Vocals are king! Get the best vocal processing. Upfront, with pristine clarity so every word sung is crystal clear. Blending in doubles, octaves, and harmony stacks. Keeping them tight and in sync, panned with their own space. A combination of analogue compression and eq, with many sought after digital plugins for creative effects. Your vocals will sit perfectly within the mix.

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Turning your guide tracks into a hit record. Mixes that jump out of the speakers. The commercial sound you have always wanted, perfect clarity and punch!

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Great communication is key. Understanding you and your sound and how to get the best for your mix/master. If I can help in any way I will.

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Since our foundation in 2009, we have received many positive reviews from our clients who value our professionalism and creative approach.

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The studio here has been specially designed to give the flattest frequency response and superb stereo imaging. I do not want any dips or peaks in the sound spectrum. Music mixing & mastering is best engineered in an acoustically treated room so every detail of your song can be heard correctly and processed to its maximum potential. You can't tweak what you can't hear!

Don't spoil an excellent production with a poor mix.

Struggling with a flat mix, poor separation, or lack of clarity. These issues can come from mixing entirely in the box, poor room acoustics, or low mixing time experience! Don't get frustrated, it took many years for most to become a competent engineer. Your music deserves professional mixing, like all the top hits.

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Mixing is where you have access to the recorded parts of the full production or sometimes called the multi-tracks. Ranging from a few tracks to over many hundreds of tracks in others. For instance, lead vocal, backing vocals, ad-libs, harmonies, kick drum, snare, toms, hi hats, overheads, bass, synths, keyboards, piano, strings, and guitars, etc. It's the mix engineer's job to balance all the elements using their skills and techniques to provide that master stereo mix down. Mastering is where you only have access to process the stereo mix down.

Don't make the same mistake like me. I used to think mastering was the final and most important part of the record making process. Mastering is important, but not nearly as important as the initial creative idea for the song. So, production, the tracking (if recording a live band), and then the mixing. Out of all these steps, mastering comes last. Clever writing, recording, production and mixing are the key! Ask yourself are you 100% happy with your mix down. If not, you're not ready for mastering.

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