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Radio-ready, digital distribution ready. Do not doubt be confident and proud of your music releases.

Mastering Included

Each package includes mastering. Your track will shine and compete in loudness with relevant releases.

Guaranteed Results

Free revisions. Well, to a degree, I can't go on forever! But happy to complete a fair amount.

About This Service

After a great production, song mixing is the next most important task. Don't underestimate this critical part of the process. Get all the sonic definition, touch and mix balance you'd hoped for.

How to prepare files for mixing.

No effects on any of the individual tracks, i.e., no compression/reverb/eq/delay, etc. Only keep on plugins that are crucial to sound shaping or a special effect. And no audio clipping, please! Turn off any effects on your master stereo bus before exporting.

Also, which is really important, make sure you export/bounce each audio track from the same start point in your audio sequencer. This is so they all line up and are all in time in my mixing environment. If you're using Pro Tools, Cubase or Nuendo, you can send the whole project file. Therefore, you will not need to export the individual tracks. Zip the audio files/project files into one zipped folder and send files.

There is no difference in quality for these packages. It's just purely the amount of tracks per session (per song) allowed. The reason being the more tracks the longer it takes to process and audio engineer, so that is why there is an additional cost.

Send Music

Please send over your MP3 guide mix so I can hear your work. I may give advice on the track which will help me get the best result for you. Once all confirmed please make payment, thank you.

Only need mastering?
Need Pop/Edm beats?
Full track mixdown service

What I'll actually be doing!
  • Clever EQ - Tighten filter and clean up. Remove mud, resonances, boxiness or any harshness. I'll create sound separation and space.
  • Compression - I'll control loud and quiet parts and certain frequencies. Standard, parallel, multi-band, or expansion. Control of transients.
  • Gain staging - Correct level set-up on individual channels and on all busses. Zero clipping in-between plugins with no channel overload.
  • Ambience - Use of reverb and delay and panning. Get a 3D sound-scape with depth and width.
  • Adding character - Adding harmonic distortion, saturation, is sometimes better than eq for pushing sounds and creating impact.
  • Automation - Adding extra life with volume automation runs and automating special FX.
  • Analogue processing - Running sounds out of the box through analogue gear. For instance, vocals, kick, bass or the full mix.
  • Referencing - Always checking against your guide mix and your commercial references.

I'll start with a track like this:

Finish the mix process to get this:

I'll start with a track like this:

Finish the mix process to get this:

I'll start with a track like this:

Finish the mix process to get this:

I'll start with a track like this:

Finish the mix process to get this:

Pricing for a Pro mix

Standard size mix


Up to 20 audio tracks/stems

Your music professionally mixed & mastered by a pro audio engineer.
Ready for release & digital distribution.

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