Audio Restoration

Clean up to repair unwanted noise, clicks and pops.

Voice over editing

Smooth out volume. Fix/reduce stumbling, breaths, mouth clicks, and harshness (De-essing).

Guaranteed Results

Free revisions. Well, to a degree, I can't go on forever! But happy to complete a fair amount.

About This Service

I have developed a passion for vocal editing from the many years of mixing and mastering. Making vocals super clear, upfront, crisp and radio ready has always been a large bulk of my work. Careful and clever use of eq, compression and automation programming can make a world of difference. So developing/editing any kind of dialogue is a breeze for me. If you have any kind of audio that needs editing please email me. I would be happy to discuss any project.

Podcast editing and mixing
Audio for video
Vocal tuning, eq, compression and special fx

The studio here is acoustically treated, which provides the ideal monitoring/listening environment. I have High-end analogue equipment and professional software from Avid, Steinberg, Softube, and UAD!

If you have important audio and are not satisfied with its quality, please get in touch. For new clients, I'm happy to provide a free example of my work.

Many thanks, Clive

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