Analogue Processing

Tracks processed through out-board analogue gear for that extra warmth and vibe.

Commercial Loudness

Loud while retaining punch and clarity. Your track will compete in loudness with relevant releases.

Guaranteed Results

Free revisions. Well, to a degree, I can't go on forever! But happy to complete a fair amount.

About This Service

100% happy with your final mix down? If yes, you're ready for mastering. Mastering is the final part in the record making process. I can address any imbalances in eq or compression you might have not heard. Eq sweetening, several special tricks, plus I will match the final volume of your track with relevant commercial releases!

Thinking of using instant mastering service? Please don't! This will be an automated two second process. Your music deserves a real human to finesse and expertly master your track.

How to prepare files for mastering

For stereo mastering you will need to send your final stereo mix down in WAV or AIFF format. 24bit at 44.1khz, 48khz, 88khz, 96khz, or 192khz.
For stem mastering export/bounce each stem track as a stereo WAV or AIFF file. (I.e., Vox stem, Drums stem, Bass stem, Keyboards stem, Guitars stem etc)

Please make sure no files are clipping. Try to give me a little headroom to work with. Remove any master bus plugins if you're working in the box. Take off any limiters, compressors, eq's, or stereo width processor plugins.

I also provide full album or EP mastering. Here I make sure the album/EP is harmonious in level and sound as the album plays throughout. If you need a DDP image or physical red book master for your CD pressing plant, please just let me know. I can also include your ISRC codes if you have them.

Send Music

Please send over your MP3 guide mix so I can hear your work. I may give advice on the track, which will help me get the best result for you. Once all confirmed please make payment, thank you.

Audio mastering studio
What I'll actually be doing!

  • Clever EQ - Tighten filter and clean up. Remove mud, resonances, boxiness or any harshness. For sound separation and space.
  • Compression - I'll control loud and quiet parts and certain frequencies. Control transients. Standard, multi-band, or expansion.
  • Gain staging - Correct levels in-between equipment.
  • Adding character - Adding harmonic distortion, saturation, is sometimes better than eq for pushing sounds and creating impact.
  • Automation - Volume automation runs and automating special FX.
  • Analogue processing - Running sounds out of the box through analogue gear. For instance, stems or the full mix.
  • Limiting - Catching peaks, final volume boost.
  • Referencing - Always checking against your guide mix and your commercial references.

I'll start with a mix like this:

Add mastering to get this:

Pricing for Pro mastering

Stem Mastering


Up to 10 audio tracks/stems

Your tracks professionally mastered by a pro audio engineer.
Ready for release & digital distribution.

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