A few words about my mixing & mastering studio

Pro Mixing engineer for hire

Like you, I have a passion for music production and I'm really inspired on how these top-tier songs are created. I love the whole process of writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering. Luckily enough I have been able to work with many talented producers and songwriters since I started this online audio service back in 2009.

I have been signed to P-Vine records a Japanese record label. I have fifteen years plus experience and have worked with artists from all around the world. Music genre's I specialise in are - pop, edm, rnb, hip hop, dance, house, reggae, pop rock, electro and dubstep.


Mixing has now become my main speciality and focus, it's my favourite part. Realising how in-depth and important it really is. I love the fight (challenge) in getting that desired and sometimes elusive pro sound, it's very addictive. I still get a real buzz working on amazing projects, the feeling you get when a mix comes together, there's nothing like it.

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Previous clients mix and masters

Client - Levi Shaw (POP/EDM) Mix and Mastering

Client - Ryan Anthony (HIPHOP) Mastering

Client - Levi Shaw (HIPHOP) Mix and Mastering

Client - PIMO (EDM) Mix & Mastering

Industry standard software including Pro Tools and Cubase Pro. Plugins from Universal Audio UAD, Softube and Brainworx. Tracks will be mixed or mastered through a high-end analogue chain. Starting with top-notch Prism Titan D/A-A/D converters into a NEVE 8816 summing mixer. Final mix or mastering EQ sweetening from the API 5500. With legendary Stereo SSL G-bus compression or the Manley Nu Mu to finish the process.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to maybe working on your music. Remember for new clients I can provide a free preview mix or master. Please email me to arrange. Thanks again Clive Knightley.
Great prices for analog mixing and mastering!

My studio advantages


Studio design
Hidden bass trapping in all corners. 20-inch trap at rear of room. First reflection points and various ceiling clouds. This helps provide a flat frequency response for my mix room.


World class monitoring
PSI Audio make some of the finest monitors. The A21-m help me choose the correct eq and compression with ease.


Experienced audio engineer
Great choices and know how simply comes with time and hard work. I have been mixing and mastering for over 15 years.


Building client relationships
Communication is key. Understanding you and your sound and how to get the best for your mix/master. If I can help in any way I will.


Studio secret :) - Sonarworks
Even the best studio designs still have issues with unwanted coloration from studio speakers. Sonarworks Reference 4 fixes this with step-by-step speaker measurements and calibration.


★ Monthly Competition ★
I love working on awesome productions - I'm offering a 25% discount for new clients with stellar songs. If your track rocks, then I want to be working on it. Send MP3 guide HERE