How to get a professional vocal sound?

My plugin chain for vocal processing

Professional mix engineer Clive Knightley

Eq plugin - High pass filter @ 100hz. Notch out any unwanted frequencies, low mid honk or nasal twang. At this point I then go to my external analogue compressors and see what fits best, either the AML 54F50, Retro Doublewide or my Anamod AM6660. Back to plugins, next a de-esser. Listen carefully and program volume automation to really dial in the vocal level. Add other effect plugins to help with clarity if needed. Possible harmonic distortion or a tape saturation simulation. Set up a reverb, one short and one long. Set up some delays. These would be set-up on a stereo 'send' buss to give the vocal width.

Make sure you have good vocal recording to begin with. Good luck.

1. EQ
2. Compression
3. De - esser
4. EQ
5. Compression (if you need super up font vocal)
6. Harmonic distortion
7. Reverb (Stereo send/aux)
8. Delay (Stereo send/aux)

All the best Clive Knightley

Clive Knightley

Head engineer

I am a professional audio engineer interested in everything about music production. I hope you like my posts and find them useful. Give me a shout if you have any queries!

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