Why hire me as your next mixing and mastering engineer?

Learn how a pro mix engineer can work wonders on your music!

Professional mix engineer Clive Knightley

Why do the all top artist's teams hire mix engineers?

To produce these top tier hi-end productions you hear on the radio that top the charts, usually consists of large teams. These's teams comprise of songwriters and music production writers (music producers) and of course the recording artist. There could be many song writers (lyrics and melody) writing to a produced instrumental. Or a producer writing music to a lyric and melody already written. There would probably be an overall producer and record label Execs who have a say as well. Additionally, mix engineers and mastering engineers will be part of the team too.

The mixing engineer will listen with a fresh set of ears in their own mix room with hi-end monitors and equipment and have many years of experience. They won't have listened to the mix a million of times like the song writers/producers. As long as the production is solid, I think this is the key for a radio ready sounding track!

I hope you also think these points are valid and prehaps I could be your dedicated mix engineer for your next project.

Remember professional mix engineers will have:

1. A great sounding fully acoustically treated mix room.
2. World class monitoring.
3. Some really nice analog tools.
4. Some of the best digital tools.
5. Expert and experienced in their field

All the best Clive Knightley

Clive Knightley

Head engineer

I am a professional audio engineer interested in everything about music production. I hope you like my posts and find them useful. Give me a shout if you have any queries!

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